John Bennett Book Design

John Bennett, an award-winning book designer, works with clients from across the country to help bring their books to life. He values the client's message and intent.
He delves into each manuscript, translates the content into visual terms, and closely manages the development and production of each book from manuscript to printed book.

John works with:

  • Individuals, writers & editors
  • Personal historians
  • Institutions & foundations
  • Publishers & self-publishers
  • Colleges & universities

John’s clients praise his thoroughness, ease in handling the simplest to the most complex requests, and — from manuscript to published book — his ability to create an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Client approval is extremely high, including first and second editions and return authors.


When people hear the words book design, they often think solely of book covers. But actually, each and every page of a book needs the designer’s attention and expertise — from the very first conceptual image of how the text and illustrations will look on a page, through to the production, printing, and binding of the book.

John has reviewed, evaluated, and designed books for over twenty-five years, and uses that knowledge to help his clients produce remarkable books. John’s ability to see the big picture, combined with an in-depth knowledge of printing technology, makes him an invaluable partner to authors for the design and production process.


John Bennett Book Design • Saint Louis, Missouri